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In this Prizren Podcast (Kosovo) episode:

We discuss:

  • Feature Topic: We reveal how much it has cost us to travel the world for the last 21 months… It’s way less than staying home would have cost.
  • Local Interview: Featuring “Mr G” owner of the Prizren city hostel. We talk about the history of Prizren, advice for budget travellers and fun things to do.
  • $5 Food: Bread, Meat and Cheese… We consume some exciting local varieties and get a meal for two in a nice town centre restaurant for only $5 per person.
  • $5 Fun/Travel: We discover some fun things to do for less than $5.

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Weblinks from Prizren Podcast (Kosovo)

How to become a housesitting pro in just 3 months.


TBEX – The Largest Travel bloggers event in the world.

Mr G’s Hostel: The Prizren City Hostel – Free beer for all guests, all night!

Our feature restaurant in Prizren:

Another Excellent restaurant for eating Burger stuffed with cheese (Pleskavica):

How to live in Cambodia from as little as $7 a day

Snap Seed – Photo editing for your mobile device, Snap Seed on Android

Trail Wallet – Budget tracking app

Never Ending Voyage – The blog from Erin & Simon, Creators of Trail Wallet

Photos from Prizren Podcast (Kosovo)

Prizren, Kosovo: Fort, Mosque and river.

The town of Prizren with the fort on the hill on the left.

The Bread Balloon and Shirr cheese: Prizren, Kosovo

The Bread Balloon (Completely hollow bread!) and Sharr cheese: Prizren, Kosovo

Bombice, Burger stuffed with cheese: Prizren, Kosovo

“Pleskavica”, Burger stuffed with cheese: Prizren, Kosovo

Prizren, Kosovo. View from the hill

View from the path below the fort of Prizren and the old church ruins on the left.

Church on the hill: Prizren, Kosovo

Inside the ruined church (See photo above for exterior of the church)


We loved our time in Kosovo and were very sad to leave 🙁

We highly recommend the City Hostel, it was one of the main factors that lead to us having such a fun time. Mr G is very interactive and, along with free beer in the evenings, offers a free city walking tour for guests too.


DISCLAIMER: We are affiliated with TBEX & Trusted Housesitters, both companies we love and support. We are not affiliated with any other of the recommended products on this page. Our opinions, as always, are our own.


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